College Area Economic Development Corporation Directory FAQ's

College Area Economic Development Corporation Directory is all about local shopping. Our goal is to help you save real money on the products and services that you shop for most, as well as provide substantial information about businesses in your area so you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily. But we're much more than just an online directory or weekly flier. College Area Economic Development Corporation Directory is your comprehensive local shopping resource. For specific information about the features and navigation of our site, please read below.

How do you find the latest offers?
Use the link at the top of the home page to take you to a listing of all the offers current on the site. They are organized by category in alphabetical order, i.e. You can also go to the left hand navigation to go to a smaller selection based on the specific category you are looking for.

What do I do if I am on my Smartphone or tablet and cannot print?
You can show the merchant the coupon from the mobile site to receive the discount.

How do I locate a business without knowing their category?
You can use the site search box throughout the site to find information of interest. Just type in the name of the business you want to find and it will take you there.

What is a Showcase?
There are Showcases or "storefronts" to highlight small local businesses in Portland. The Showcase gives you an image of the business. It is an opportunity for you to see what products and services they have to offer and find any deals or coupons for that business.

How can I find out about offers automatically from my favorite business?
By clicking on the "Sign Up Today!" link on the merchant's Showcase page you can receive special offers via email or on your Smartphone as a text or message.

Can I share these great offers with my friends? How?
Each offer and all the information on each business Showcase has "share" buttons. Use Email and Text and Post to Facebook and Tweet to share any and all information throughout the entire site. The buttons are visible everywhere and are easy to use. You can also "Like" a business's Facebook page and Follow them on Twitter directly from their Showcase.

How can I get the location of a business? How about on my Mobile?
On our interactive map page you can find businesses alphabetically on the left or you can filter the businesses on the map by using the sort feature above the map. This feature allows you to filter by category & offers.

You can also find a map on the merchant showcase page. This map has just this business on it, eliminating any need for sorting down to the business you are interested in mapping.

Where can I see a restaurant's menu?
You will need to scroll down on the restaurant's Showcase page to see the boxes with menu links. Many of the restaurants have more than one menu. When you click on the link you will be taken the restaurant's menu.

Can I call the Merchant directly from the site? How about right from my Smartphone?
Yes! If you would like to call a business from our site, click on the business from our map or view their phone number in the listings or on their individual Showcase page.

If you are on your Smartphone, you can call the business from several places on the site, including their listing, their individual Showcase or from the map area. To call the business, tap on their phone number and you will be directly connected to the business with our "click to call" feature.

I hate SPAM! How do you protect my email address?
We hate SPAM as much as you do! Your email address is treated like gold! We never share it with anyone. If you become a member and opt in to our marketing, you can opt out at any time by clicking the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of any email we send you. Your email address will NEVER be sold, rented, given, or in any way divulged to others.

Does College Area Economic Development Corporation Directory use cookies?
Yes. Cookies are tiny files that get placed on your computer when you visit some websites. The purpose of the cookie is to remember who you are each time you visit College Area Economic Development Corporation Directory. That way you don't have to login each time you visit us and you'll have a more personalized experience while browsing.

What do you do with my personal information?
Rest assured that the information you share with us remains confidential and protected. As always, all marketing survey information will remain confidential and protected.

The website looks different, what changed?
We are continually working on improving our website to better serve our members. We're excited about our site changes and hope that you will enjoy the new features. Should you have questions or suggestions about how we can improve your shopping experience, please contact us online.

Who is Local Thunder?
Local Thunder is a web marketing company based in Portland Maine. We have dedicated our business to working with small businesses to empower them with products and tools for success.

What if I have a question or a comment?
We'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us suggestions or questions that you have about College Area Economic Development Corporation Directory!